Looking into conservation science

So this post is something that I think is very relevant to what I want this blog to be about, a somewhat helpful guide to anyone looking into the field of conservation science from a chemist perspective.

When I finally figured out what I wanted my research to be about, more importantly who my research advisor would be , I found that working on art and conservation would be something that sounded awesome in my mind. I knew that from the start I didn’t want to be the typical chemist, the one that studies one reaction or one molecule for years . I wanted to do something that would allow me to work on projects for a few months, see the world , and mostly become a career path that I would love.

My future goals led me to figuring out that art conservation or historic preservation both fit what I wanted. So for the next few post I will be working on some places ( programs, internships, etc) that I believe would be helpful for others looking to get into (art) conservation science.




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