M.S. Historic Preservation at Clemson University/ College of Charleston

So day two of posting about programs in the art conservation/ historic preservation topic.

This program is something that looks interesting to me because even though it may not be the art conservation that i was thinking about, it stills deals with the main thing I enjoy which is material identification.

This program is a dual enrollment through Clemson and CofC, with all the classes down in Charleston, SC. This not only allows students to study in one of the most beautiful old towns, but also utilize some of the instruments that are available at Clemson.

Some basics of this program that have made me want to apply:

  1. The idea of using my interest in identifying materials to help with preservation at amazing historic sites
  2. The program specifically states that it likes students from a variety of backgrounds ( a plus because a lot of times i feel like my background in Chemistry is what hurts my inquires into programs.)
  3. The ability to use resources at the Warren Lasch Lab ( known for conservation of the Confedate submarine the Hunley)
  4. Possibly the most important a email back from the director of the program, I find it hard to want to apply somewhere that doesn’t respond to a prospective student email.

Next is important information about the application:

  1. Due Date is Feb 15th
  2. Need to submit:
  • Official GRE scores to Clemson (institution code 5111)
  • Official, sealed transcripts from each college or university you have attended
  • 2-3 letters of recommendation
  • $80 fee for domestic applicants ($90 for international)

To check out the website just go here

Hope this helps!!!



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