Trying out clean eating (Week 1)

So  last week a dear friend of mine put up a picture onto Facebook of a yummy looking pizza that was extremely healthy for you! It had a crust that was made out of cauliflower ( a vegetable that I tried to avoid), but still I wanted to try and make this! This picture then lead me onto an awesome blog all about clean eating. The whole idea of clean eating is to cut out processed foods and try to go with the healthier stuff. Well after somehow talking my BF into trying it ( his favorite food items include bologna sandwiches, pizza, tacos and cereal) we I decided to try and do this for the week. I am using 4 recipes from the blog that inspired me to start clean eating.

  1. Brown Rice Risotto with Chicken and Asparagus
  2. Chicken Curry
  3. Homemade Hamburger Helper
  4. Shrimp Jambalaya

Last night I made the Shrimp Jambalaya, which was very tasty, easy to make and both the BF and I enjoyed. I added to our meal corn on the cob and the BF added half a sleeve of saltine crackers (another food item he eats all the time.) Now I know my clean eating probably isn’t considered the real clean eating lifestyle, but it is a switch for us. So for the next few days I’ll include the recipes and results of trying to eat cleaner!


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