University of Lincoln and Crick Smith (UK)

So to start of there are a few programs available at the University of Lincoln, the one that I would have to apply for ( because I have no conservation experience) is called Graduate Diploma Conservation Studies. This program is one year full time that allows students from various backgrounds to progress to what is required for the Masters in Conservation of Historic Objects.

One of the big things that appeal to me is the research that can be done at  Crick Smith, a large company that allows research to be done while in the programs at the University of Lincoln. This is something that would allow me to still study Conservation, but also focus on more of the science/analytical side in this field.

So some facts about applying to the University of Lincoln (International Student):

  1. Online Application
  2. Submit a statement (200-400 words) on why you want to study/interest
  3. You will need to apply for a study visa
  4. 2 references
  5. Passport

So really from what I have seen the application process isn’t to bad and overall studying in Europe is a dream of mine.

The links for Crick Smith  and University of Lincoln

Hope this helps!



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