Northumbria University (UK) Conservation of Fine Art MA

Another art conservation program at Northumbria University (UK)! This one is a 2 year program and is a focused more on Works of Art on paper and Easel Painting conservation. Again this program states that students come from a wide range of academic backgrounds, but as a science graduate you must have competence in practical art.

Some facts about the program

  • It allows you to pick the topic you want to focus on ( Art on paper of Easel paintings)
  • Courses focus on:
    • Conservation theory and practice
    • The chemistry of degradation of artists materials
    • Scientific principles involved in environmental monitoring and management

How to apply (International student)

  • Application Deadline of July 15th for entrance into the start of the Fall (Sept)
  • Need 2 references
  • Complete the Online Application

That is all the information I have about the program! To check out the website go here . The link on how to apply is here.


Hope this helps!





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