Summer Internship at MCI

Research Internship for Conservation at Smithsonian’s Museum Conservation Institute (MCI)!!!! Can you imagine having an internship at the Smithsonian!

This was an internship that I had applied for during the spring of 2013 and an internship that I will probably reapply for next year! It is during the summer, 10 weeks long, and includes a stipend. This was a amazing sounding internship for both undergraduates and graduates. As a matter of fact if you are an undergraduate looking to get into the field, apply here (they just received funding for REU’s).

So I have already mentioned the three most important facts above, so lets go onto how you apply!

  • Complete the application by late February ( the date for the 2013 application was February 25th)
  • Online Application , here
    • Personal Statement
    • 2 recommendation letters
    • Transcript sent in
    • CV/Resume

I highly recommend (and so do they) that you email a staff member that you would be interested in working with before you apply.

Other than that I found that this application process wasn’t terrible and the staff member I had gotten into contact with was helpful (and honest , he told me about the NSF REU).  So if your an undergraduate ,  apply for this (they have funding for you) and if your a graduate student ( like me) good luck and hope that you all consider this internship!



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