Summer Historic Preservation Internship Training Program

So this internship is something that I stumbled upon recently. The deadline for the Summer 2013 Internship has already passed, but there is always Summer 2014! There wasn’t alot of information available on the website, but I am going to assume that this is another program that is in place to help those interested in applying for a Historic Preservation graduate program.

Here is what the website does say about the program

The internship program offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain practical experience in cultural resource management programs in the National Park Service headquarters, field offices, and parks, and in other federal agencies.

Working under the direction of experienced historic preservation professionals, students undertake short-term research and administrative projects. Students learn about and contribute to the national historic preservation programs and the federal government’s preservation and management of historic properties.

The short-term internships are available in the summer and during the school year. The internship program is operated jointly with the National Council for Preservation Education.

Contact Guy Lapsley, Technical Preservation Services, for more information.

The website for the internship can be found here.


Hope this helps!



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