6 Weeks to a 5k

My plan is simple. Stick to this outline in Fitness Magazine which should get me to a 5k in 6 weeks. I’ll make sure to actually keep track of how this goes that way I will actually complete it! So join with me if you would like on ‘IN SIX WEEKS YOU CAN…. RUN A 5K!’



2 thoughts on “6 Weeks to a 5k

  1. I’ve done that plan! It’s totally doable if you stick to it! If you find a week really tough, repeat it before going on to the next and it’ll be soo much easier for you. I used to be terrible at running (like I would want to cry after a minute) but now I’m training for my first half-marathon! Good luck! xx

    Allie / callmesassafras.wordpress.com

    P.S. Thanks for the follow!

    • Yay that is so good to hear. I do some light jogs now but figured I will stick with this plan and then hopefully move on to a 10k in 8 weeks plan! Good luck on your half,exciting!!! And thanks for the follow as well!

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