DIY: Upcycle Credenza

So every first Wednesday of the Month WCU holds a surplus sale. Basically they sell old computer parts, furniture, and anything else that may have been disposed/not wanted out of departments around the school. Being here for over a year, I had never stopped by or even thought about going until this month. As I was driving to school I passed by a line outside of the warehouse where the sale is held with 50ish people in line! The sale starts at 10 am and I drove past around 9:45am, so I was shocked by the amount of people there.

Now, I didn’t stop right then and wait for the opening, I went on to school started a measurement and realized I needed more coffee! As I was heading back to my apartment, I passed right by the warehouse and decided to stop. Which lead me to find an old Credenza (aka more storage) that was only 4 DOLLARS!!!! I was so excited, I went straight up to the lady in charge of the sale and asked her if she could hold it for me while I went home, got the BF and the Jeep (Patty). She followed me over to it and laughed saying she thought the thing was super glued to the floor it was so heavy and went on to tell me I may need several BF’s to move this!!! Still didn’t phase me I wanted it!

So after dragging the BF out and convincing him that this was amazing, we headed back up to the warehouse and somehow loaded the thing into Patty (with us 2 and the lady along with a dolly).  And best part is the lady said to take it for FREE, because it was amazing that we moved it on our own!!!!

Problem 1– The Credenza was 6 inches to long to fit in Patty completely.

Problem 2– We , nor did anyone else, have a rope to tie the back down with.

Solution– We used the cord to our GPS and two lanyards that held our keys to ‘secure’ ( this is a very loose secure) the back down. Also the BF sat in the back and helped hold it in place while driving with his legs (true love there :))

So this leads me to introducing you to the Credenza ( with wheels added to the bottom already made it easier to move)


So this made be a bad picture, but trust me it wasn’t very pretty! But I believed that I could make it into something amazing! So off to Lowe’s!!!

During the Lowe’s trip I got :

I already had some paint brushes and rollers left over from the old house we lived in!

So now to the fun stuff! After wiping the whole thing down I painted two coats of the white paint to get a nice base.


So now with it all painted, time to use the Dazzle paint that I got. I had no idea what type of pattern I wanted to do but in the end came up with something simple(ish) to do!


And then final product!!! My first Upcycle and all for a grand total of $40 and 2 days of work! I love it and it happens to hold everything that I’ve been meaning to organize!



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