Restart to the 5k Plan….

I am horrible, after having 3 amazing days following the plan to do a 5k in 6 weeks, I fell off the schedule. For once my research was looking promising ( a first in almost a year) which meant LONG days/nights at the lab. A few days I was in at 8 am and wouldn’t leave till close till 11pm. Not a good excuse but in all honesty I am ready to start back and keep up with this plan! So for the restart of the 5k in 6 weeks with full intentions of following through with it this time!!!

Just to make sure I am going to include an easy to update schedule on this post for each week/day( for week 1) and then continue to write a new post to reflect the next weeks plan/ workouts! After my workout of the day I plan on updating this post to reflect what I did! So wish me luck and can’t wait to finish this!

Week 1

Mon- Off Day

Tuesday- 5 min walk, 10 min walk/run, 5 min walk

Wednesday-Lauren Conrad’s 30 Minute Workout

Thursday- Yoga Day ( I was super sore)

Friday- Off Day

Saturday- 5 min walk, 15 min walk/run (1 min intervals)



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