Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation

When I first started on my short journey of trying to get into the field of Art Conservation, my advisor talked about this program!!! It is defiantly one of the best in the country and would be amazing to get the chance to study here. The program has some amazing advantages such as each student will receive a Fellowship that includes an annual stipend, which increases with each year of study, and a tuition-free scholarship. With all of this programs amazingness comes some stiff prerequisite requirements,below. So if you think about doing art conservation early in you career , I’d work towards getting into this program! Check the program website out here.

Art History, Archaeology, Anthropology, and Museum Studies Courses

A minimum of 6 courses (18 semester credits) in Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History, or Museum & Library Studies is required.

Ideally no more than 1-2 of these courses would be introductory survey courses while 4-5 would be upper-level courses in different cultural traditions and/or different historical periods.

Chemistry Courses

A minimum of 4 courses (16 semester credits) in Chemistry is required.

General Chemistry I and II (8 semester credits): 2 courses each with laboratory. These should be freshman level courses required for chemistry or biology majors.

Organic Chemistry I and II (8 semester credits): 2 courses each with laboratory. These should be sophomore level courses required for chemistry or biology majors. One semester survey courses designed for nursing, medical technology students, etc. will not be accepted.

Studio Art Courses

A minimum of 5 courses (15 semester credits) in Studio Arts and Crafts is required.

Drawing (6 semester credits): 2 courses in representational drawing including figure drawing, object drawing, and perspective. (Do not substitute courses in design, printmaking, stage design, architectural drafting, etc. for these requirements.)

Painting (3 semester credits): 1 course in representational painting (still-life, figure, and/or landscape) using traditional painting materials and techniques.

Three-dimensional Design (3 semester credits): 1 course in sculpture, ceramics, glass, weaving, woodworking, or jewelry making.

Studio Arts and Crafts (3 semester credits): 1 additional course from among the following areas: drawing, color, painting, printmaking (intaglio, lithography or woodcut), photography, sculpture, woodworking, ceramics, glassmaking, jewelry making, metal making and fabrication, weaving, tailoring, pattern making, papermaking, bookbinding, letterpress printing.

Conservation Experience

In addition to coursework, applicants must have completed at least 400 hours of documented conservation experience under the supervision of a conservator.

Letters of Recommendations

Applicants must submit 3 letters of recommendation stating the applicant’s ability to successfully complete and profit from a graduate program in art conservation. At least one of these letters should be from a practicing professional conservator who has supervised the applicant’s conservation work.

Yes that is all you need and man I wish I had the time and opportunities to complete all the prerequisites to get into this program!

Hope this helps!!!!



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