Things I ♥ – DIY Jewelry Edition

My third week of doing a Things I ♥ , I am so proud of myself! This week is inspired by simple DIY jewelry I want to do over the Fall semester. Currently my only jewelry I wear is a watch and sad thing is it is a very basic watch! So over my final year of Grad School at WCU I have some goals to work towards, one of which is looking more put together! So what a better way to make jewelry that I love to help me work towards looking more put together!

Also if you want to try out any of these, click the picture and it will take you to the instructions on how to make them. Also check out this page for 50 awesome DIY Jewelry ideas.





One thought on “Things I ♥ – DIY Jewelry Edition

  1. So cute! I have a DIY to-do list a mile long but unfortunately I’m not the craftiest person around. I’d love to see any of these if you make them! xx

    Allie //

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