Life Lately

So I am in love with all the link-up’s and answering random questions about my life, so after stumbling on a post with a link-up I decided to join. The post is originally from Postcards From Rachel  with all the details about this link-up!
So here’s to my first link-up!

Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself!

1. I have a insane fear of needles, I cry like a baby when one is near me. Fun Fact 2 : This fear is apparently one of my little brothers since he passed out and hit the floor at Basic Training for the Navy a few weeks back!
2. My BF of 5 years was called ‘JC Tall Guy’ in my group of friends and in my phone till we started dating (6 months after we first met).
3. I have a dream to live on a houseboat, in which I will restore, if I go to grad school in Charleston, SC!

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

I fell in love with Switzerland after taking a class and travelling there the summer between my junior and senior year! It was not only an amazing trip, but has inspired me to want to study/live abroad. ( Which is perfect since I want to study art conservation/ historic preservation in the future.)
PicMonkey Collage
New Book I am Reading // The BF and I Senior Year Undergrad // Learning some Quantum Mechanics this week // Harry Potter themed Bananagrams


3 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Ahhh…my husband and I also dream about getting a boat! #3 on your fun facts list is funny. For a while…there were a lot of “Dan’s” in my life (family/friends/guy I dated). There was “Work Dan” and “Gold’s Gym Dan” and “Heather’s Dan” and it still makes me chuckle. Visiting your cute lil’ blog from Wild & Precious! 🙂 Holly @ The Young Museum

    • Thanks so much! And I am already dreaming of living on a houseboat if I get into a grad program in Charleston SC! And I am glad that nicknames for ‘boys’ isn’t just something I had in my life!!!

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