Things I ♥ – “Lab” Shoes Edition

Something that I am still in the process of figuring out is how to dress lab appropriate and still look cute (/one day look professional), just in case you guys don’t know I am currently working on my Master’s in Chemistry! Dressing for lab requires two main things : long pants(or maxi type skirt) and closed-toed shoes! I can handle throwing on a pair of skinny jeans and a cute top but then my mind automatically goes to adding a pair of sandals to the outfit (since it is still summer!). Now since sandals are not appropriate footwear I generally throw on some Keds and call it a day! That is until this list, I put together some of my favorite options for lab appropriate footwear! Enjoy!!!


ASOS MATCH Leather Brogues $75.94 ( I happen to be wearing a pair today 🙂 )

Lastly, something with some snazziness !!! Although I don’t know if I could pull these off shoe7KG Lucca Glitter Lace Up Sneakers $143.45


One thought on “Things I ♥ – “Lab” Shoes Edition

  1. Ohh my goodness–all so cute! I could use a new pair of brogues. I have a grey lace pair but I wear them constantly to work since they’ve got good support, but unfortunately that naturally got them covered in ice cream…so I’m definitely in the market for new ones! Maybe I’ll save up for those 🙂

    Allie //

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