Weekly Wishes 1 & Weekend Recap

Good Afternoon everyone (or atleast that is when I am finally getting to write this!)!!!

All around the blogs that I follow there is a Monday tradition called ‘Weekly Wishes’ which I believe was started over at The Nectar Collective.It is a weekly goal/challenge that I will  hopefully  achieve during the week.  To add to starting off the week on such a positive note I am also going to add some details about my weekend!

Weekly Wish
I would like to work on my time management skills and making sure to keep a To-Do list daily and actually get things accomplished. It seems that already in week 2 of school, I am having a hard time with everything. I am not sure why because I am feeling ok about my classes, but I really just need to kick up my organization before I get behind.

Weekend Recap
farmermarketSaturday morning trip to the local Farmers Market with the BF. Came back with a peppermint plant, bell peppers, jalapeños, tomatoes, and lemon cucumbers.

Saturday Night (Date Night): Sushi date and rented two movies (from an actual movie store). Watched : The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Olympus has Fallen.

Sunday headed up to the casino that is 20 minutes from WCU. Played some craps and WON!!!!

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! And hope everyone’s Monday has been fabulous!


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