Weekly Wishes and Weekend Recap #2

Happy Labor Day! Time for Week 2 of Weekly Wishes & Weekend Recap!


Let’s start on reviewing my Weekly Wishes from last week…


Work on time management skills
Well I am almost done with everything that I need to have finished next week (go me!), but I feel like I still need to work on getting organized and how to manage my time. I feel like this will be a goal of mine again this week, but may be hard to do since I have a trip planned for Wednesday.


New Weekly Wish-
This week I am just excited for my trip up to Chicago to see my little brother! I want to make sure and enjoy the time with him, since he will be off to more training for who knows how long!
On top of that I would like to make sure and not get behind while I am on this trip. I know the week I come back I have a test, but other then that I just need to do work and have a vacation!


Weekend Recap!
I was such a slacker with photos for this one! But here’s how the weekend went down…


Friday- The BF wanted to go back to the casino ( I promise we aren’t gambling addicts). I played Craps again and won!!! This time I started with $60 and finished with $150…


Saturday- Farmers Market trip where I got some gifts for the BF’s family. We are making a pit stop in Ohio before heading to Chicago! Also had a crazing for breakfast, so dinner was French Toast!


Sunday – WordPress crazzines. I am pretty sure I had over 20 tabs open trying to figure stuff out. Its still a work in process…



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