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Weekly Wishes and Weekend Recap #2

Happy Labor Day! Time for Week 2 of Weekly Wishes & Weekend Recap!


Let’s start on reviewing my Weekly Wishes from last week…


Work on time management skills
Well I am almost done with everything that I need to have finished next week (go me!), but I feel like I still need to work on getting organized and how to manage my time. I feel like this will be a goal of mine again this week, but may be hard to do since I have a trip planned for Wednesday.


New Weekly Wish-
This week I am just excited for my trip up to Chicago to see my little brother! I want to make sure and enjoy the time with him, since he will be off to more training for who knows how long!
On top of that I would like to make sure and not get behind while I am on this trip. I know the week I come back I have a test, but other then that I just need to do work and have a vacation!


Weekend Recap!
I was such a slacker with photos for this one! But here’s how the weekend went down…


Friday- The BF wanted to go back to the casino ( I promise we aren’t gambling addicts). I played Craps again and won!!! This time I started with $60 and finished with $150…


Saturday- Farmers Market trip where I got some gifts for the BF’s family. We are making a pit stop in Ohio before heading to Chicago! Also had a crazing for breakfast, so dinner was French Toast!


Sunday – WordPress crazzines. I am pretty sure I had over 20 tabs open trying to figure stuff out. Its still a work in process…


Weekend Reads 2


I am loving the idea of a three-day weekend and then only having two days of school till I off on a road trip to visit my little brother! He is finally finished with Navy Basic Training and is graduating!!! It will be the first time I have seen him since May, so even though he is a pain at times, I miss him! So now that everyone has a three-day weekend to relax and enjoy, let me do a shout out to some of my favorite reads over the week!

CallMeSassfras Has an amazing ‘Love your Brain’ series of post and this week was filled with ways to sharpen your brain. I have been doing Lumosity for a few weeks and have really enjoyed it!  So check out her post on all the ways to get your brain in tip-top condition!

Football season is getting into the swing of things now and what a better way to enjoy the games then with Red Pepper & Bacon Sweet Potato skins courtesy of Taralynn over at the Undressed Skeleton 

The Style Dunce had some amazing DIY Wine Charms that she is making. Lets just say I love the idea of making wine glasses prettier and also the charm will tell me which glass is mine!

 Southern Cafe had a post about some great Back to School bag ideas! I am loving the Black Tote ( but I think that would just encourage me to carry more crap stuff around!)

 Skinny Student had an amazing Guest Post that answered all my running need to knows, since I am a newbie in the running world!

Kayli Wanders had a DIY that anyone could do and also something that I can’t wait to do myself. DIY Bulletin Board that is stylish, easy, and cheap! I’m in love !!!

Week 2 Grad School: Time to Reorganize

Week 2 back to school and I still haven’t gotten in the swing of things.  I am starting to feel stressed out, which is miserable, even though I know I shouldn’t be already. I am doing great in my classes so far (week 2 how could I being doing bad). I have already had 7 quizzes in 2 classes and Aced all of them. I have made my first book in my book arts class. Plus I am finally ahead of some things in research.  So what could I be struggling with, check out the list below!

What I am still trying to figure out:
  1. The best way to keep all my stuff organized
  2. Packing for lunch and dinner plus snacks
  3. How to fit in working out while I am at school
  4. How to handle being at school most days from 8am-6pm (9pm on Mondays and Tuesdays).
  5. On top of this I have a goal to submit some internship applications for the spring , turn in abstracts for conferences, and get my graduate school applications done asap.

So in order to get back into school mode, I will be working on each one of these and posting my ideas to fix each problem and then I’ll share how they actually worked out.

For Post 1 on how I need to get back into school mode, lets tackle problem 1. I need to get organized!!!!

How I am going to get organized:
Made a To Do list that stays the screen. Plus keep my planner up-to-date

Keep a ‘Rough’ Version of things that I have to get done on a Legal Pad (Inspiration and Image from The College Prepster)
To-Do Lists Legal Pads

Sort through the and downsize the 6 notebooks/folders I currently have

Downsize the amount of extra stuff I carry with me everyday

Finally, I am in the process of looking for a new bookbag to buy. One that is large enough for me to cut out carrying a purse and one that will be useful for holding everything for my long days at school. If you have any recommendations, please leave me a comment!

Weekly Wishes 1 & Weekend Recap

Good Afternoon everyone (or atleast that is when I am finally getting to write this!)!!!

All around the blogs that I follow there is a Monday tradition called ‘Weekly Wishes’ which I believe was started over at The Nectar Collective.It is a weekly goal/challenge that I will  hopefully  achieve during the week.  To add to starting off the week on such a positive note I am also going to add some details about my weekend!

Weekly Wish
I would like to work on my time management skills and making sure to keep a To-Do list daily and actually get things accomplished. It seems that already in week 2 of school, I am having a hard time with everything. I am not sure why because I am feeling ok about my classes, but I really just need to kick up my organization before I get behind.

Weekend Recap
farmermarketSaturday morning trip to the local Farmers Market with the BF. Came back with a peppermint plant, bell peppers, jalapeños, tomatoes, and lemon cucumbers.

Saturday Night (Date Night): Sushi date and rented two movies (from an actual movie store). Watched : The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Olympus has Fallen.

Sunday headed up to the casino that is 20 minutes from WCU. Played some craps and WON!!!!

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! And hope everyone’s Monday has been fabulous!

Weekend Reads.


Excited for this weekend, I know I am considering week 1 of year 2 in grad school is done! Saturday is my relax/do work/enjoy life day , so I’ve decided to throw together some amazing reads to checkout (if you haven’t already) while your enjoying your weekend.

Amazing advice for life in college , here.

How to shop smart for beauty products, here.

Heading to college & freaking out, read this .

Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade (yes please) , here.

The Best Prosciutto Bagels Ever ( On my shopping list) , here.

How to make your blog prettier in 5 minutes , here.

Non-blogging tips you learn from blogs , here.

Life Lately

So I am in love with all the link-up’s and answering random questions about my life, so after stumbling on a post with a link-up I decided to join. The post is originally from Postcards From Rachel  with all the details about this link-up!
So here’s to my first link-up!

Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself!

1. I have a insane fear of needles, I cry like a baby when one is near me. Fun Fact 2 : This fear is apparently one of my little brothers since he passed out and hit the floor at Basic Training for the Navy a few weeks back!
2. My BF of 5 years was called ‘JC Tall Guy’ in my group of friends and in my phone till we started dating (6 months after we first met).
3. I have a dream to live on a houseboat, in which I will restore, if I go to grad school in Charleston, SC!

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

I fell in love with Switzerland after taking a class and travelling there the summer between my junior and senior year! It was not only an amazing trip, but has inspired me to want to study/live abroad. ( Which is perfect since I want to study art conservation/ historic preservation in the future.)
PicMonkey Collage
New Book I am Reading // The BF and I Senior Year Undergrad // Learning some Quantum Mechanics this week // Harry Potter themed Bananagrams

Blog Redesign!

First I would like to say, I am writing this post simply because I received (and still receiving) some amazing blog design/help/advice and want to show my appreciation on my blog!

So as some of you have noticed (or atleast I hope someone did) ChemGradBoom had a design overhaul this weekend (and continuing) !!!! Yep a new header, social media buttons, category design and much more! And there is no way that this could have ever been done by me so I introduce the amazing person who could do all this, Allie over at Call Me Sassafras!

Look how cute this is!

Look how cute this is! One of her sponsor buttons!

She not only has an amazing blog, but she has awesome design capabilities. I am so happy with the design I am writing a review while she is tweaking some things!!!

Now if anyone is new to the whole blogging world, learning HTML and Photoshop could be a little bit intimidating, so going to a fellow blogger who does have these skills is highly recommended. Yes, you could go to a fancy design company, but I am a poor grad student and can’t afford base prices starting at $150 for a basic blog design (plus I prefer going with someone I ‘know’) , which is why having Allie do your design is an amazing idea! She listened to my input, did multiple revisions, and the understood the style I would like to have of the overall design. I am pretty sure that I couldn’t have gotten anything better than the header she made for me ( Chemistry and cute don’t go together, until now 🙂 ).  She somehow even managed to do 70% of all of this in ONE afternoon (how productive is she!!!). So to anyone out there who wants to prettify their blog, I highly recommend using Allie!!!

Check out the design options that she has, here .

In case you didn’t get how happy I am about her design…. I can’t give enough praises to her amazing job that she did with my blog and she even helped with my lack of install knowledge!

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

So as I was preparing for the Surprise Bridal Shower last weekend at Wingate, I realized that I had no idea what to get !!! I know they had things on their registry, but to be fair I wanted my gift to make the bride think of a memory of when we were together! Now hard part about this was, I was the neighbor who came over for two things : To work on PChem with her roomie while watching Harry Potter or to drink/ have a fun time ! I know typical college life but heck atleast I also had some very productive times working on PChem over there!

So I came up with a gift that seemed fit for a typical have fun night at her apartment!!! Check out the my ideas of some ‘different’ gifts to give to the bride-to-be at a bridal shower! I gave the bride a gift set for a wine drinker.


Stemless Wine Glasses , Wine Tote , Cute Wine Stopper


French Press , Monogrammed Mugs , Engraveable Coffee Scoop


Cocktail Glasses, Cocktail Shaker, Cocktail Picks, Bar Tools with Ice Bucket