Things I ♥ – Nautical Edition

For this Friday the Things I ♥ is a full blown Nautical Edition. My love for anything and everything water could stem from living on a lake my whole life or growing up spending summers down at Edisto Island.  The love for water even has me dreaming of living on a houseboat, a very old one that needs lots of love and restoration work to make it a place I can call home. The houseboat dream is even something that the BF listens to and looks at old boats with me on a weekly basis.  I am now also a big sister to a Sailor, my lil bro finished up basic training for the Navy this week and this time next week I’ll be up in Chicago seeing him graduate! I am so proud of him :). So now onto all the things I love with a Nautical theme!!!



nailsNautical Nails ( I wish I could do this)




I want this scarf


And I adore this Sailboat Scarf


NMV1MRW_mxI have a slight bag addiction and would love to add this one to my collection


il_570xN.380918699_ju5iThis sweater would be cute & would support my lil bro!


il_570xN.466254712_eax8For my future houseboat!  An amazing print!




Things I ♥ – “Lab” Shoes Edition

Something that I am still in the process of figuring out is how to dress lab appropriate and still look cute (/one day look professional), just in case you guys don’t know I am currently working on my Master’s in Chemistry! Dressing for lab requires two main things : long pants(or maxi type skirt) and closed-toed shoes! I can handle throwing on a pair of skinny jeans and a cute top but then my mind automatically goes to adding a pair of sandals to the outfit (since it is still summer!). Now since sandals are not appropriate footwear I generally throw on some Keds and call it a day! That is until this list, I put together some of my favorite options for lab appropriate footwear! Enjoy!!!


ASOS MATCH Leather Brogues $75.94 ( I happen to be wearing a pair today 🙂 )

Lastly, something with some snazziness !!! Although I don’t know if I could pull these off shoe7KG Lucca Glitter Lace Up Sneakers $143.45

Things I ♥ – DIY Jewelry Edition

My third week of doing a Things I ♥ , I am so proud of myself! This week is inspired by simple DIY jewelry I want to do over the Fall semester. Currently my only jewelry I wear is a watch and sad thing is it is a very basic watch! So over my final year of Grad School at WCU I have some goals to work towards, one of which is looking more put together! So what a better way to make jewelry that I love to help me work towards looking more put together!

Also if you want to try out any of these, click the picture and it will take you to the instructions on how to make them. Also check out this page for 50 awesome DIY Jewelry ideas.




Things I ♥ – Back to College Edition

So there are always tons of back to school list of what you need when leaving for college. Unfortunately those list are great for the basics but always fail to mention things that are very practical and necessary once you get to college. Now some of these things you may not need if you go to a small school like I did as a undergrad, but are needed when you go to a much larger school or are a commuter. So here is my Things I ♥ – Back to College Edition!

 Get Rain Boots before the start of college. Or you can be like me and suffer through what seemed to be two weeks straight of rain without a pair.

Rainboots. A stylish pair of rainboots will come in handy every rainy day during college ( which is alot up here in the mountains for me)

Rain boots. A stylish pair of rain boots will come in handy every rainy day during college ( which is alot up here in the mountains for me).

Check out this list of stylish rain boots for college.Add a umbrella to your must have for going to college. The bubble types help keep you dryer then some of the other ones. Which is always a plus when you want to stay looking your best, even on rainy days!

A Backpack… Now even though most girls (including myself) prefer a tote, a backpack will save yourself when you have super long days and have to carry around a laptop, books, and notebooks. My advice get a stylish one that will hold all of your stuff and has some support ( That made me sound like a old lady). Here are some options.

(L-R) Top: Both from Call It Spring. Bottom:  The North Face and JanSprot

(L-R) Top: Both from Call It Spring.
Bottom: The North Face and JanSport

Are you seeing a theme with things you need. Rain is something that most people didn’t have to deal with in high school to get to classes, which is probably why you don’t come as prepared for it in college. This cute and easy pull over rain jacket is the perfect addition for your wardrobe and will keep you dry!


Last on my list is reliable drinkware to help you get through your 8am Calculus classes with some coffee or to get rehydrated after a late Thursday night with some water. Plus these are also great for any type of drink you may have on your days off in college !


Hope this list helps with items you may have not thought of or items that you are going to add to your back to shopping college list! Enjoy and hope that August starts off a amazing school year for everyone!



Things I ♥ – Breakfast Edition

So writing everyday is harder then I imagnined it to be ( plus my writing is this blog). So in order to make this something I am planning to do a “Things I ♥ – ______ Edition” every week! Starting off is the best way to start off everyday = breakfast! So here it is the Things I ♥ – Breakfast Edition!!!

Check out all the recipes from the gallery below!!!

Healthy Cinnamon Rolls

Raspberry Lemon Muffins

Bacon Egg Cups

Blueberry Muffins

French Toast