Weekend Reads 2


I am loving the idea of a three-day weekend and then only having two days of school till I off on a road trip to visit my little brother! He is finally finished with Navy Basic Training and is graduating!!! It will be the first time I have seen him since May, so even though he is a pain at times, I miss him! So now that everyone has a three-day weekend to relax and enjoy, let me do a shout out to some of my favorite reads over the week!

CallMeSassfras Has an amazing ‘Love your Brain’ series of post and this week was filled with ways to sharpen your brain. I have been doing Lumosity for a few weeks and have really enjoyed it!  So check out her post on all the ways to get your brain in tip-top condition!

Football season is getting into the swing of things now and what a better way to enjoy the games then with Red Pepper & Bacon Sweet Potato skins courtesy of Taralynn over at the Undressed Skeleton 

The Style Dunce had some amazing DIY Wine Charms that she is making. Lets just say I love the idea of making wine glasses prettier and also the charm will tell me which glass is mine!

 Southern Cafe had a post about some great Back to School bag ideas! I am loving the Black Tote ( but I think that would just encourage me to carry more crap stuff around!)

 Skinny Student had an amazing Guest Post that answered all my running need to knows, since I am a newbie in the running world!

Kayli Wanders had a DIY that anyone could do and also something that I can’t wait to do myself. DIY Bulletin Board that is stylish, easy, and cheap! I’m in love !!!


Weekend Reads.


Excited for this weekend, I know I am considering week 1 of year 2 in grad school is done! Saturday is my relax/do work/enjoy life day , so I’ve decided to throw together some amazing reads to checkout (if you haven’t already) while your enjoying your weekend.

Amazing advice for life in college , here.

How to shop smart for beauty products, here.

Heading to college & freaking out, read this .

Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade (yes please) , here.

The Best Prosciutto Bagels Ever ( On my shopping list) , here.

How to make your blog prettier in 5 minutes , here.

Non-blogging tips you learn from blogs , here.