Things I ♥ – Nautical Edition

For this Friday the Things I ♥ is a full blown Nautical Edition. My love for anything and everything water could stem from living on a lake my whole life or growing up spending summers down at Edisto Island.  The love for water even has me dreaming of living on a houseboat, a very old one that needs lots of love and restoration work to make it a place I can call home. The houseboat dream is even something that the BF listens to and looks at old boats with me on a weekly basis.  I am now also a big sister to a Sailor, my lil bro finished up basic training for the Navy this week and this time next week I’ll be up in Chicago seeing him graduate! I am so proud of him :). So now onto all the things I love with a Nautical theme!!!



nailsNautical Nails ( I wish I could do this)




I want this scarf


And I adore this Sailboat Scarf


NMV1MRW_mxI have a slight bag addiction and would love to add this one to my collection


il_570xN.380918699_ju5iThis sweater would be cute & would support my lil bro!


il_570xN.466254712_eax8For my future houseboat!  An amazing print!