Blog Redesign!

First I would like to say, I am writing this post simply because I received (and still receiving) some amazing blog design/help/advice and want to show my appreciation on my blog!

So as some of you have noticed (or atleast I hope someone did) ChemGradBoom had a design overhaul this weekend (and continuing) !!!! Yep a new header, social media buttons, category design and much more! And there is no way that this could have ever been done by me so I introduce the amazing person who could do all this, Allie over at Call Me Sassafras!

Look how cute this is!

Look how cute this is! One of her sponsor buttons!

She not only has an amazing blog, but she has awesome design capabilities. I am so happy with the design I am writing a review while she is tweaking some things!!!

Now if anyone is new to the whole blogging world, learning HTML and Photoshop could be a little bit intimidating, so going to a fellow blogger who does have these skills is highly recommended. Yes, you could go to a fancy design company, but I am a poor grad student and can’t afford base prices starting at $150 for a basic blog design (plus I prefer going with someone I ‘know’) , which is why having Allie do your design is an amazing idea! She listened to my input, did multiple revisions, and the understood the style I would like to have of the overall design. I am pretty sure that I couldn’t have gotten anything better than the header she made for me ( Chemistry and cute don’t go together, until now 🙂 ).  She somehow even managed to do 70% of all of this in ONE afternoon (how productive is she!!!). So to anyone out there who wants to prettify their blog, I highly recommend using Allie!!!

Check out the design options that she has, here .

In case you didn’t get how happy I am about her design…. I can’t give enough praises to her amazing job that she did with my blog and she even helped with my lack of install knowledge!